The very first thing we need to do is the identification of toxic people in our life.

Its very easy is to identify people who are good or bad for you. Let me tell you how, try to observe people whether they make you feel bad or good when you spend time with them. Whether they bring out best in you or they always try to demean you. This way you can identify toxic people.

Dont try to repaint or fix the toxic mess.

Look everybody is not same as you think . You cant change them, you can only accept them as how they are. Do not try to fix the toxic mess otherwise they will affect you negatively.

Saving yourself from toxic people. 

As we are human beings sometimes it really hurts and you get affected from their negativities. But the most important thing is how we can save ourself from these type of people. So the things you need to do is ask few qustions to your yourself, like What matters to you? What is most important in your life? What is your life goal ? How you want to live and with whom? This will not only save you but will also give you clear vision in your life and you will never get affected or distracted with these kind of people in your life.

Few real life hacks to bring out the positivity in yourself that you want to see.

There is no rocket science, there are few things we can use to bring out positive vibes like, smile, say thank you, appreciate others, make eye contact when you talk with others.
Last but not the least “Just be the change you want to see in others“.

Just dont care, move on and enjoy the precious life you have got dude.

You have got one life so dont spoil just because of others . Live your life happily, be with someone who really loves you, do whatever you want to do man and kick out these toxic people from your life and dont let their negativites affect you .



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