Hello everyone, am Ashish the man behind this blog. This blog is a multi-niche blog where you will find knowledge about various fields. 

A little bit about myself. Am freelancer( web designer, wordpress security expert, seo ) and a blogger. I love to travel and try new things and love to develop skill through my amazing learning skill. Let me tell you one secret about my skills that I learned everything from the internet. I don’t have any technical background but as we all know passion is everything. And today without any technical degree or a good education background am doing good in this field and earn decent amount every month. I believe that one should not compare their education intelligence with their professional intelligence. If you are skilled enough to handle anything in your particular field then you are KING. Skill is everything and skill is something that you can learn. 

So keep learning and keep improving yourself.

So lets read the articles of this blog and improve your skills and knowledge. Thank you so much . Also dont forget to share ;).